Breathing with Ease

Something interesting happened this week. I experienced a severe pain every time I took a deep breath. It felt like my entire midsection was being squeezed and a stabbing pain was on the right side. I experienced this before, and it seemed to go away on its own. This time I wondered what message the pain had for me. I believe for every physical ailment there is an emotional reason. And while we may not always know the reason, the pain may be telling you it’s time to release that emotion. So I was open to listening and thankful for the opportunity. My first thought was that I couldn’t attend my yoga class. Major red flag for me! Yoga helps me maintain my emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. Missing class for reasons other than another obligation, means my ego is fighting a change. So I pressed on and went to class. My breath was stuck. It stopped at the pain point. There was a definite energy blockage. By the end of class, my breathing improved, but the pain was still there. I did not want to take any medicine, and opted for Reiki. Beginning my hand placement at the back of my head, I facilitated my self care Reiki session. I could feel the energy flowing freely, relaxing me, and helping my deep breathing improve even more. I relaxed and ultimately fell asleep. I woke up 95% better. The pain continued to subside throughout the day. Now I am breathing freely with no pain, without medication. 
Try it! Reiki can only help you. Contact me for an appointment. You can reach me at (248) 320-7948 or


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