Yoga and Reiki

Today I attended an amazing Kundalini yoga class at Karma Yoga!  I have practiced yoga since 2003, and yoga changed my life. Initially, I started yoga to relieve my stress, because my hair was coming out! But very quickly I realized yoga was so much more. Yoga helped me re-establish my connection with God, the Essence of Truth. Not the religious God that many of us were taught to fear or you’ll be punished, but the Universal Truth of all that is!  Yoga helped me find that space within that’s loving, nurturing, forgiving and patient.  I learned to honor the space I’m in, with no expectations. No more trying to force change, or a pose, just allowing it. Gratitude is another amazing part of yoga, knowing you did your best for that class, especially when you accomplish a pose that you never thought you could get into. It’s liberating! 

When I received my Reiki certification, I wanted to offer this wonderful treatment where I’d have the opportunity to help lots of people. I offer free sessions at Beaumont Hospital, and at Karma Yoga in Bloomfield Hills.  Karma Yoga is the yoga studio that I’ve attended for years, and it’s great. 

Reiki sessions have similar qualities as yoga classes. You connect with the beautiful energy that flows within you. Reiki facilitates the clearing of energy blockages. (Your body knows how to heal itself and what is best for you.) Reiki energy allows you to relax so your energy can flow in the best way for your body’s health.  In addition to feeling relaxed after a session, you may feel pain relief and refreshed.  Imagine starting a Reiki session in the final relaxation pose in yoga, Savasana. Reiki shifts energy, and leaves you feeling wonderful!  

Try it! Reiki can only help you. Contact me for an appointment. You can reach me at (248) 320-7948 or


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