Why Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy balancing for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This technique is practiced at many hospitals now, in their Integrative Medicine departments. What clients are targeted? EVERYONE. Patients receiving treatment, caregivers, nurses, staff, literally anyone. You do not have to be sick for Reiki. While Reiki is challenging to explain, the majority of clients find relief and relaxation.

The most common response is WOW! I am so relaxed!!

The Reiki Times, published by the International Association of Reiki Professionals, states that, “Like mediation, Reiki calms and centers you. In addition, Reiki also energized and provides clarity of mind as well. This is because it works energetically to both provide relaxation and to strengthen and assist your body’s energy pathways to function optimally”.

Try it! Reiki can only help you. Contact me for an appointment. You can reach me at (248) 320-7948 or danitamw07@gmail.com.


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