Allow Reiki to Help You

Reiki has changed my life. I was introduced to this amazing practice many years ago and my life has only improved. I have learned to love myself more than ever. I have learned to relax and enjoy all the good surrounding me and to allow the not so good to flow past me, prayerfully learning the lesson it is trying to teach me. I have encouraged myself to stick to a daily practice of self care, so the moments of worry, anxiety, and stress diminish quickly. Yes, those feeling still come up, but I now recognize them for the gifts they are. Gifts to strengthen me and encouragement to go deeper inside myself.

Reiki helps me relax into myself. It allows me to relax so that my energy can flow and clear energy blockages that cause those uncomfortable feelings and sensations within me. Like relaxing in a calm river of light, the blockage are washed away. Peace is restored and I feel balanced once again. It is amazing and experiencing a Reiki treatment is the only way to understand the beauty of this practice.

I am trained and certified at Reiki Master level. I offer Reiki sessions at Karma Yoga in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. If you are in the area, feel free to contact the studio so we can schedule a session.

Try it! Reiki can only help you. Contact me for an appointment. You can reach me directly at (248) 320-7948 or


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