Reiki for Rebalancing

I have noticed within myself that there are shifts going on. My patience level is different, my view of the world is changing and my desire to care for myself inside and out is increasing. It could be because I’m working to change my focus in life and release things that just don’t line up with who I feel I am, or should I say who I am becoming.

Reiki has really helped me with these changes as I recenter and allow my body to relax and receiving the healing energy in ways that are just right for me! No person can tell you what is right for you, or steer reiki to specific areas. But a reiki practitioner can support you in offering a relaxing environment, staying centered, grounded, and focused on allowing the reiki energy to flow through their clients. This will open the pathway for getting what is perfect at that particular for the client. An individually designed “energy massage”. Full of opportunities for releasing and rebalancing!

Try it! Reiki can only help you. Contact me for an appointment. You can reach me at (248) 320-7948 or


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