Reiki is for Us

Reiki is for you, me, better yet, it’s for us! This energy treatment allows you to relax so your energy and the Reiki energy can work together to clear blockages. It’s so wonderful.

I enjoy making time for my self-care routine. It’s the time I decide to love myself as much as I love my children. Recently, I saw my loved one taking care of their child, but totally ignoring their own symptoms. And shockingly, they were both suffering from the same ailment. Their child was treated, and symptoms free, a month earlier, while they waited until the pain and symptoms were spreading before getting medical attention for the ear infection.

By focusing on self-care, you remind yourself how important and loved you really are. All of you! Reiki is just an added treatment that is easy and effective. Relax, refresh and recharge with Reiki. And if you don’t try Reiki, do something to show yourself that you love you.d

Try it! Reiki can only help you. Contact me for an appointment. You can reach me at (248) 320-7948 or


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