Planting Seeds

Patience is a virtue that I have struggled with. Yet it is a quality that I have committed to develop. Our society has taught us that instant gratification is the only way, and so many people are fighting for it. But there has to be a better way to achieve your goals without being exhausted from fighting so hard.

I have decided to be patient with myself and others as we transition to a new way of living. I want to allow the space for adapting and feeling comfortable, instead of fearful.

Nature gave me a great story to share. Last year, I decided to start managing my lawn care myself. After 20 years in my house, and a new empty nester, I decided I could fertilize my own lawn. I noticed a lot of weeds and patches of missing grass. After asking some pros for tips, I raked a lot, fertilized per the schedule and spread seeds. My grass was better, but it was nothing like I expected or wanted. It was definitely more work than I anticipated and I was happy to see fall come, so we could move on to winter! I have to admit I was a bit discouraged. This year I put down weed and feed, and then my eco friendly fertilizer right in time for a few days of rain. I didn’t spread more seeds because I was waiting the next weekend. To my surprise, the grass seeds that I thought didn’t “work” last season started growing among the weeds! A nice healthy green. They took over the weed filled area. I was so excited! Then I thought, I was impatient, again. When all I needed was time to bring about the change I was looking for. What a valuable lesson.

There is a time to plant seeds and then there is a season of patience so things can take root and grow in the most beautiful ways. Prayerfully, after receiving this message so clearly, I will use my new affirmation- I am patient.

Give yourself time for your seeds to grow. Nurture yourself, feed and water per a schedule, and watch the extraordinary growth take shape right in front of your eyes. I will be exactly what you need. And the best part is, if you need a little more seeding, that is available too.


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