Time for Action

I have been so blessed. Every challenge I have, I am learning to look for the opportunity for growth in the situation. The issue is always a reflection of what I am projecting. I know there is a change coming.

When I notice I am doing a lot more Reiki and Yoga, that is a clear indicator that a change is coming. I don’t always know what it is, but I can feel it coming. It’s a perfect time to put my yoga off the mat to the test. How will I handle the change? Or in some cases, how will I handle getting a message that the action is no action? I guess there is more for me to learn from the situation. Have I grown, or will I fall right back into the same old pattern? In Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, there is the following affirmation that I have been meditating on daily.

” I am willing to change the pattern in my consciousness that has lead to this condition”.

I’m not sure what the pattern is, but I am opening my heart to change, in the right way and the right time for my greatest and highest good. Thank you Universal Truth, the source of all life, for blessing me with that wisdom. I will stay prepared by honoring my daily practice and committing to continuing to love myself the most always.

As I almost slipped back into my old pattern of worrying about work (I return to the office on Tuesday), I re-centered and reminded myself that I am willing to change the pattern in my consciousness that has lead to this circumstance. I can only control my reaction to a situation. I choose to have faith and let someone else do the worrying. All is well.


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