Breathe deep

Yoga is definitely a passion of mine. With the stay at home order, I’ve realized that there are more classes at Karma Yoga that focus on breathing. Long deep breathing or breath of fire, which is fast breathing in and out your nose. These are is a powerful practice.

Focusing on your breath helps you stay in the moment. With so many things going on outside of ourselves, it’s nice to have a practice available to bring you back to center. Centered in that place, there is a peace in the stillness that comforts beyond measure. The clarity brings focus forth action, with a sense of strength and peace.

I offer you the opportunity to get quiet and take a comfortable seat. Focus on your breath, inhaling for 5 seconds and then completing an even exhale for 5 seconds. Do this for a couple of minutes and you will find that over time your breath will get longer and peace will be present.

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