I’ve decided to expand my yoga practice. I want to understand more about the history of yoga, the philosophy behind the practice and really just more about the styles of yoga.

In a class I’m taking, there is a huge emphasis on developing a daily home practice. This can be in addition to classes you take a studio, because the purpose is to help you determine what is best for your body. I’ve been doing that for a while, but it was great to hear suggestions from other teachers about how they started their home routines and the importance of filling your cup in order to serve others.

In addition to the energy work with yoga, Reiki is also part of my routine. I’m able to relax and release energies that are ready to go. It’s such a great practice combination. I am practicing to be a better version of me, as our world shifts to a new focus of the new world. The world is changing. Practice so you can ground lovingly into it!

Please see my contact page if you would like more information on Reiki, or to schedule a session.


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