Inner Hug

When I start a Reiki session, I ask my client to take a deep relaxing breath and give themselves a hug inside. I had one person ask me how to do that. So I wanted to explain what I mean and why it’s important.

Giving yourself an inner hug feels like a real hug. You can wrap your arms around yourself or just feel the sensation on the inside. This helps you ground into your body. Grounding in your body helps you to be present. Focusing on the now offers you the opportunity to let go of worrying about what was, and what could be. It allows you to just be available for what is happening at that moment.

During a Reiki session, clients experience different things. Some see colors and other feel the energy flowing, helping them to relax. I had one client that came because if she saw the colors she knew she was relaxed. And I also have clients that relax so deeply that they drift off to sleep for a minute or two. All are natural reactions when you body reaches a state of homeostasis or balance.

For me an inner hug is always my first step before Reiki or any energy work. It helps me feel supported by my inner wisdom and gives me a chance to “say” thank you, I appreciate you.

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