One of my favorite books is, “You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise Hay. The premise is that for every physical ailment there is an emotional reason for it. The book offer a new thought, or affirmation, to replace the negative thought pattern that attracted the ailment. I was so happy to learn how powerful affirmations are.

When my daughters were young, and really suffered with asthma, we work on memorizing positive affirmations to help heal their condition. It became part of our nightly routine. And it was amazing to watch. Today they still use the book and share it with their friends.

I would definitely recommend the book. Meditating on positive thoughts is so powerful. They help you develop a higher level of mindfulness that is needed to make positive changes in your life. It changed our lives and we are much healthy because of it.

Be mindful of your thoughts. We have the ability to honor the positive thoughts and substitute them for negative thoughts. The more you practice this type of self-love, the easier it gets.

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