Love Yourself the Most

“Love yourself the most” is a phrase that I have been saying to my daughters for years. It was something that I struggled with in my life, so I was hoping that by sharing it earlier in their lives it would like breathing for them. Though I should say both of them have asthma….so I’m not saying it’s always easy.

When you focus on making choices that support your emotional, spiritual and physical health, it feels empowering. It’s not aggressive or imposing on others. You gently just make the best choice for yourself knowing that no matter the reaction of others, all is well.

All situations are there to help you learn to love yourself the most. With the support from your inner wisdom and the higher power, we can all learn to honor ourselves and in turn we will learn to allow others to love themselves too.

If you are interested in learning more about self -love, go to my contacts page and submit your info so we can schedule an appointment or any of the services I offer. I would love to hear from you. 💖


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