Forgiveness is an interesting concept. While it is necessary so you can heal, it is something that I struggle with, especially when it comes to forgiving myself. I run scenarios over and over in my mind, wishing I did something differently. But the truth is, I did my best at that moment. And moment is the key word. Even if after something happens I feel that I “knew better”, but in that moment, I did my best. So I am continuing to learn to forgive myself.

Compassion is another critical element that goes hand and hand with forgiveness. You have to be kind to yourself. Loving to yourself. You have to allow yourself to grow and heal. We are in a journey to enlightenment, not a race to it. We must take time to enjoy all of it. Finding a spirit of gratitude is essential, in everything.

Even when it’s hard to forgive, I encourage you to try it, especially when you need to forgive yourself. Be kind, compassionate, loving and breathe into your inner wisdom that will help you really forgive and be present.

“Forgive yourself and welcome love back into your life.” Wayne W. Dyer

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