Over all my years, I have experienced a lot of discomfort. I grew up with asthma and so many food allergies that having a stomachache was normal for me. I felt victimized. “Why me!?!” I even cried so long and hard about it that I had an asthma attack and had to spend 3 days in the hospital. But who wants to live as a victim everyday? I’m much rather be the victor!!

Today, when I have discomfort I really try to analyze it. What am I thinking when it starts? Am I living the past, present, or future? If I’m in the past, is it a movie or did I reattach to the feelings? I have challenges with reattaching. And especially today, trying to plan the future is pointless, because it changes everyday. Be present…

Then I try to dig deeper. I find an affirmation to reframe my thoughts. If I’m sad about changes I see, I try to find the blessing in getting to see the change. That always puts a smile on my face, even with tears rolling. Next I decide if I want to do yoga to really feel the sensation of the emotion whenever I’m holding it. I can breathe into the space and settle there for a minute or two. This allows my body and mind to connect to my spirit (my higher self), while letting the energy flow to the pain and comfort me. I send love to that spot knowing that love heals all!

Lastly I give thanks! I’m thankful for experiencing so much love and discomfort that I’m no longer afraid of the discomfort, because it can only make me stronger and love deeper every experience I love through. 💖

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.” Louise L. Hay

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