I am ready!

Today was a challenging day. As I sat on a conference call, holding my throat, I realized that I had words that needed to be spoken. Initially I felt nervous. But I knew that I did my best. I had discuss the numbers upfront and I didn’t have the time to drag out a conclusion. I spoke my truth and stood in my space of honor and integrity. I am ready to feel good enough! I accepted responsibility for anything they may have thought was wrong, knowing I was right. And it felt good!!! Another first for me.

I am ready to change the pattern that I had in the past where I second guessed myself. I played a recording over and over and made myself sick with criticism. But today I looked back and wouldn’t change anything. The truth is, no matter the outcome to some people it’s never good enough. And that is not my problem.

How did I get ready? Yoga, meditation, reiki, sea salt soaks, reading, studying, spiritual counseling and self love. I am ready to expand the use of my tools, to share my tools, and to live my best life full of happiness.

We have a choice about our reactions. I am ready to choose to be happy and align with my higher self so my reactions and thoughts are uplifting. I woke up this morning happy and I will go to bed happy.

Everyone has their journey. I have started stepping back and allowing others to live their best life. You can be happy or not. I am ready to choose happy! To choose love! To choose gratitude!!

Please check out my contact page to see the services I provide. I’d like to inspire you to choose happy too!

“When we have some pattern buried deeply within us, we must become aware of it in order to heal the condition.” Louise L. Hay


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