Going Higher

I had a wonderful dream the other night. I was trying to find my way out of a parking structure at a hospital, and the passage way in both directions was too small. With an anger little dog barking at me and a couple of other people around, I was desperate to get out because my brother was being released from the hospital. Finally I saw a way to go up another level. I woke up knowing that if I go higher, I will achieve the outcome I’m looking for, exiting the parking structure. It took so much effort and measuring and trying before I got the message. But I was so relieved that I got the message!

I’m learning that in my daily life, I also need to go higher. I have to be mindful of what I say and why. Is it to help others or to just see what I want to see. My daughter is teaching me that. And I have a choice about how I react emotionally, really deep in my heart. Today I felt it to my core. My job is to allow. I can live worry free. I want to protect and “lead the way”, but I’ve already done that. My girls are amazing. It’s their turn to blaze their own trail. So since that job is done, what’s my next assignment??? ( Maybe that is why I hold on too tight.)

Yesterday was my birthday. A new year filled with new opportunities in this New World. I will try my best to focus my energy on my next step and stop trying to direct anyone else’s steps.

More Meditation. More Gratitude. More Journaling. More Yoga. More Reiki. More Self-Love. More Allowing.

I know all those things will help me go higher. Connecting my will, instincts, emotions, actions and reactions to my Higher Self. I will have the opportunity to truly love, heal, and be compassionate towards others. AND I will be able to maintain my own boundaries. One quick way to know you are doing to much is when you feel anger. So I will also listen!

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