Maintaining Boundaries

I have been focusing maintaining my boundaries. I feel good about setting them, but I’ve noticed that it is very challenging to maintain them when I come in contact with people that ask for my help, directly or indirectly. How do I help without doing the work the other person is really supposed to be doing?

As I build that soul muscle, I try to empathize without feeling sorry for the person. I try to encourage and ask motivating questions without telling them what to do. I walk into the situation knowing the person may try to make me feel sorry for them and ask me to do things they can do. Inside I repeat a small prayer, I will to will Thy Will, and nothing more.

I listen to my heart, because I get feelings that guide me. For years I ignored those feelings. But today I allow myself to feel all of my feelings. And annoyance and anger are the strongest feelings that shout ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ENOUGH! It starts off very low and gets louder and louder until I take action. I’m try to listen before it gets too loud. But I will admit sometimes it takes some yelling and hurt feelings before I hear it.

To bring myself back into balance, I have to practice self-care everyday. I had to establish a morning routine for it to be effective for me. I do allow some variety though. Sometimes it’s just meditation (I always do my meditation). I include yoga, which can be asana and/or breath work. Reiki is definitely a big part of my self care toolbox, and right now it’s a daily vs weekly practice. Lately painting has become a very therapeutic tool for me. I stay open to the new energy that wants to support me. My daughter has Tibetan singing bowls. They are wonderful and I may have to get my own when she goes back home. The balancing from these practices help me to be mindful and stay neutral to what is going on that is not mine to do, while allowing my energy to focus on what is mine to work on.

Today I feel my feelings as I will to will Thy Will in all ways that are in the greatest and highest good for me and all those involved. Be encouraged. It’s all in Divine Order. 💫✨💫

Namaste 🙏🏽


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