I woke up today feeling stiff. I haven’t done yoga in a week and I feel like I need to stretch! I had to take a break because I over stretched and had a lot of pain in my hips that needed to heal. As my morning has progressed, I feel like I also need to stretch my mind.

I have a desire to engage more in this new way of living, thinking, receiving information and working. The use of technology has escalated so fast. Our way of living has changed allowing for reduced contact and increased safety, ultimately a new way of managing our lives.

I’ve mentioned that I completed my yoga teacher training certification online, and recently I completed my Yin yoga certification too. There are new platforms and ways to teach classes online or via recording. It’s all new to me! I’ve practiced yoga since 2003 and in person was THE WAY. My daughter finds so much information. She is really expanding her network for teaching (@lovemayahyoga) and I am so proud of her!! But for me, it’s overwhelming. Then it thought about stretching again!

Stretching the body many times has a direct connection with stretching the mind. So I’d like to encourage you to go inside and sit with yourself. Feel the emotions, the pain, the confusion, the joy and the peace. It’s all LOVE!

Breathe, breathe, breathe… relax every muscle, especially in your head. Try focusing on your heart center or your navel center. Feel the strength in your whole body. Stand tall, lengthen your spine in both directions. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Reach your arms overhead and let your feet contour the earth, stretching in both directions meeting the New World Mother Earth and Father Sun. Let the energies meet each other within your body. Feeling the stretch inside and out at the core of your being.

From that place, I am centered. I am focused. I am calm. And I ready for what life at for ME. Maybe I can practice Reiki again using a new platform. Maybe there is an opportunity for distance support, as I’m encouraged by the new platforms my daughter is finding for teaching yoga. Maybe I will stretch myself to share my yoga with others. As I hug myself a little tighter, I remember the journey to practice Reiki on others. And I also remember how wonderful it was to share Reiki with others. It’s coming again. I know this as I stretch myself to reach out and offer healing to others again.

There is a new platform we are all working from. I’m working to find my balance and the courage to participate. Every day I am one step closer to allowing my true self to live and love from this new world. Each one of us has to move forward at our own pace. Enjoy the journey!

The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste. 🙏🏽


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