My life is transforming day by day. I am being guided into a new direction that I LOVE, but I’m also be strongly encouraged to take a blind leap of faith. My faith is strong, stronger than ever!!

I will do my part. I will spread my wings. I will maintain my boundaries. I will stop judging myself and others. I will love myself more so I can love others more. I will do my work, physical, spiritual, and mental work. I will ask for help. I will accept help and help others. I will lead from a place of unconditional love. And when it feels hard, I will meditate and pray harder. Healing energy flows through me. The universal power of all has asked me to share. So I will.

Lead me down the right path as I leap with my heart full of love! 💖

The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste!🙏🏽 💖🙏🏽


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