Add Reiki

I’ve been thinking about where Reiki fits in. I mean, do I offer it at a yoga studio or an Integrative Medicine practice, or just a stand alone practice?

I’ve volunteered at Beaumont Health in their IM department. But it was a challenge to get clients to keep their free appointments. There is something to be said about adding a monetary value to an offering. So after 2 years, I discontinued that.

Then I was lovingly welcomed to share space at my yoga studio, Karma Yoga. I love the people, the teachers and the owner. But here too, I didn’t attract a lot of clients. In my discussions, it was really that in class, they were doing energy work, and only wanted to pay once for it. I completely understand that.

So where does it fit? An old friend and I connected again and we thought maybe trying Integrative Medicine again would be a good idea. It was the perfect fit. They promote their offering and it’s the whole package. I started meditating on it and send lots of positive thoughts and love to the idea.

While is so plan to practice at Karma Yoga again (after move a little further from Covid), I definitely want to see if there is a unconditional loving spot to offer reiki to as many clients that want it. 💖

Rest well all. May you be balanced, at peace and wake up refreshed.

Namaste 🙏🏽


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