I am making changes in my life to find a better balance. With the pandemic, I took the opportunity to go within and find a space where I could balance my emotions / fears. I tried to find a place of compassion for others as well. I worked to center and keep my emotions in check, because they were all over the place. That was no small task.

I realized recently that as our country tries to find its balance amongst extremes, I too must find a new balance. So I started by attending the class of the yoga studio I have attended for many years. I even offer reiki sessions there. It was an advanced class taught by a very enlightened instructor. I call it advanced because you are challenged to find your balance. The balance between your front and back body. Your ego and your spiritual self.

The challenge of staying in the moment has so many rewards, so many blessings, and a peacefulness that is hard to describe. I find that I can get into and hold the poses so much better staying in the moment.

Reiki also helps me find that balance. Relaxing into the session and just allowing the flow of energy to release whatever is ready to go from the past. I like to give thanks for the good, and not as good as I had hoped, experiences. Because there is a blessing in all things.

I am trying to find my balance to step into teaching yoga. My confidence is improving, so I know that blessing is coming. I am finding comfort in being present and feeling all that comes with that. So I continue my self reiki, my meditating and my yoga. Oh and I have added a daily sea salt foot soak to my self care routine! I definitely recommend it. That is an excellent way to find balance within from head to toe.

The light in me honors the light in you.

Namaste 🙏🏽 🧘🏽‍♀️


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