Over all my years, I have experienced a lot of discomfort. I grew up with asthma and so many food allergies that having a stomachache was normal for me. I felt victimized. “Why me!?!” I even cried so long and hard about it that I had an asthma attack and had to spend 3 days… Continue reading Discomfort


Forgiveness is an interesting concept. While it is necessary so you can heal, it is something that I struggle with, especially when it comes to forgiving myself. I run scenarios over and over in my mind, wishing I did something differently. But the truth is, I did my best at that moment. And moment is… Continue reading Forgiveness

Breathe deep

Yoga is definitely a passion of mine. With the stay at home order, I’ve realized that there are more classes at Karma Yoga that focus on breathing. Long deep breathing or breath of fire, which is fast breathing in and out your nose. These are is a powerful practice. Focusing on your breath helps you… Continue reading Breathe deep