Meditation is part of my daily morning and evening practice.  I listen for guidance on what is needed from my Inner Wisdom to release a fear or worry, or to heal a situation.  As I wait, I am still and quiet.    

There are times that I ask for energies that have already served their purpose to flow into the candlelight, as the representation of Unconditional Love, that I have in front of me.  When that happens, I feel the energy release, and feel a sense of relief.  Many times thoughts of thanksgiving and love for the situation fill my mind.  During meditation, I may also receive insight on how to handle a situation.  That is so comforting to me because I can relax into that knowing I am safe and secure.  All is well, no matter what is going on outwardly.

Active meditation with mantra and movement is also needed sometimes.  If that is the case, I may follow a recording, attend a meditation class to participate in a group session, or repeat a meditation I completed in the past.  In my practice of Kundalini yoga, there are so many great meditations.  They can be challenging because you may be required to hold a hand position for a set number of minutes, while repeating a mantra, but it is always extremely rewarding and strengthening.

I’m often asked how do I make my mind quiet.  I learned that acknowledging the thought and releasing it, is much better than trying to ignore it and force it out.  It’s trying to get your attention, and like a small child, the more you ignore it, the louder it gets.  And in this time of transition, so many thoughts are coming to the surface for healing and clearing, I feel releasing it into the light is a better option.  Offering love, forgiveness, and gratitude is the key during my meditation practice.

“You are learning to be with your heart in order to heed its spiritual meaning – this is meditation.”
Deepak Chopra