Becoming Crystal Clear

As I continue my self-care journey, I keep picking up little nuggets of enlightenment that I want to share! My niece told me that she wanted some crystals because one of her friends was into them, and she knew I had them too. To be honest my daughter is much more in tuned with their… Continue reading Becoming Crystal Clear

2021 New World

As we are almost finished with the first month of 2021, there have already been so many changes! It is wonderful to watch as we continue to grow stronger in the New World. An inner world that can reflect itself in our outer world. A place of peace, grace, and love. Lots of love. We… Continue reading 2021 New World


Over all my years, I have experienced a lot of discomfort. I grew up with asthma and so many food allergies that having a stomachache was normal for me. I felt victimized. “Why me!?!” I even cried so long and hard about it that I had an asthma attack and had to spend 3 days… Continue reading Discomfort