Add Reiki

I’ve been thinking about where Reiki fits in. I mean, do I offer it at a yoga studio or an Integrative Medicine practice, or just a stand alone practice? I’ve volunteered at Beaumont Health in their IM department. But it was a challenge to get clients to keep their free appointments. There is something to… Continue reading Add Reiki


Allow Reiki to Help You

Reiki has changed my life. I was introduced to this amazing practice many years ago and my life has only improved. I have learned to love myself more than ever. I have learned to relax and enjoy all the good surrounding me and to allow the not so good to flow past me, prayerfully learning… Continue reading Allow Reiki to Help You

Yoga and Reiki

Today I attended an amazing Kundalini yoga class at Karma Yoga!  I have practiced yoga since 2003, and yoga changed my life. Initially, I started yoga to relieve my stress, because my hair was coming out! But very quickly I realized yoga was so much more. Yoga helped me re-establish my connection with God, the… Continue reading Yoga and Reiki