I was reading today and I received a word about being attached to things, especially the outcome of our actions. The reading cautions against doing something only to receive the fruits of that action. In doing so, this can lead to anxiety and constant worrying over what they do. This leaves many of us feeling… Continue reading Motivation


My Reiki Journey

I learned of Reiki after completing a Healer 101 class. Reiki was a wonderful next step to exploring and expanding my awareness of the energy that is within our bodies. The class taught me about the energy organs and how an imbalance effects every aspect of your mind body and spirit. Later, I renewed my… Continue reading My Reiki Journey

Refocus with Reiki

Similar to how I entered 2019, so far this year I have spent time reflecting on how I want to develop this year, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Really focusing on how I can make a life style change, versus a temporary change. I have increased my self-care, which includes Hatha and Kundalini yoga, self… Continue reading Refocus with Reiki

Recharge with Reiki

The weather has been beautiful. We have had a nice balance of rain and sunshine. Both have been great for my yard and new garden. While taking the time to connect with the New World Mother Earth in my garden, I have been feeling the sun's warm recharging qualities. A balancing sensation fills my body… Continue reading Recharge with Reiki