I’ve decided to expand my yoga practice. I want to understand more about the history of yoga, the philosophy behind the practice and really just more about the styles of yoga. In a class I’m taking, there is a huge emphasis on developing a daily home practice. This can be in addition to classes you… Continue reading Practicing


Breathe deep

Yoga is definitely a passion of mine. With the stay at home order, I’ve realized that there are more classes at Karma Yoga that focus on breathing. Long deep breathing or breath of fire, which is fast breathing in and out your nose. These are is a powerful practice. Focusing on your breath helps you… Continue reading Breathe deep

Reiki is for Us

Reiki is for you, me, better yet, it's for us! This energy treatment allows you to relax so your energy and the Reiki energy can work together to clear blockages. It's so wonderful. I enjoy making time for my self-care routine. It's the time I decide to love myself as much as I love my… Continue reading Reiki is for Us

My Reiki Journey

I learned of Reiki after completing a Healer 101 class. Reiki was a wonderful next step to exploring and expanding my awareness of the energy that is within our bodies. The class taught me about the energy organs and how an imbalance effects every aspect of your mind body and spirit. Later, I renewed my… Continue reading My Reiki Journey

Reiki Helps

In reading my church newsletter today, I wanted to share something I found interesting. "If we want to reduce suffering, we need to be aware of the intentions we have regarding the things we say and do. When our intentions stem from anger or hatred, they're more likely to cause harm than if they stem… Continue reading Reiki Helps

Why Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy balancing for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This technique is practiced at many hospitals now, in their Integrative Medicine departments. What clients are targeted? EVERYONE. Patients receiving treatment, caregivers, nurses, staff, literally anyone. You do not have to be sick for Reiki. While Reiki is… Continue reading Why Reiki?

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is so amazing!!! There are so many benefits, but honestly, sometimes it is difficult to verbally communicate them.   I haven't been able to find the words to really describe this incredible treatment. My go to phrase is, "it's a light touch energy massage". Most people have had a massage and can recall that relaxed… Continue reading Benefits of Reiki