I’ve decided to expand my yoga practice. I want to understand more about the history of yoga, the philosophy behind the practice and really just more about the styles of yoga. In a class I’m taking, there is a huge emphasis on developing a daily home practice. This can be in addition to classes you… Continue reading Practicing


Breathe deep

Yoga is definitely a passion of mine. With the stay at home order, I’ve realized that there are more classes at Karma Yoga that focus on breathing. Long deep breathing or breath of fire, which is fast breathing in and out your nose. These are is a powerful practice. Focusing on your breath helps you… Continue reading Breathe deep

Refocus with Reiki

Similar to how I entered 2019, so far this year I have spent time reflecting on how I want to develop this year, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Really focusing on how I can make a life style change, versus a temporary change. I have increased my self-care, which includes Hatha and Kundalini yoga, self… Continue reading Refocus with Reiki

Yoga and Reiki

Today I attended an amazing Kundalini yoga class at Karma Yoga!  I have practiced yoga since 2003, and yoga changed my life. Initially, I started yoga to relieve my stress, because my hair was coming out! But very quickly I realized yoga was so much more. Yoga helped me re-establish my connection with God, the… Continue reading Yoga and Reiki